Puppy Advisory Sessions

puppy chewingThere are some issues which commonly come up during problem behaviour consultations which, had they been understood early on, could have prevented the puppy going on to develop a more serious problem.

Sadly, I would like to highlight the fact that rescue organisations are full of dogs that started out as lovely puppies in adoring families. Many of these dogs were simply not trained and were misunderstood. When problems are not treated, or treated in the wrong way, it is easy to create a much worse situation which can be hard to live with.

Spend the time now to ensure that your beloved puppy remains with you for the rest of its long life. Puppy Advisory Sessions provide guidance on the key points to successful ownership.

These include:
Successful Communication with your puppy
Advice about getting thoroughly socialising your puppy
Learning and Training- how your puppy learns and how you can teach him what you want him to know.
Avoiding Common Problems and solutions for House Training.
Stealing owner's things or foodpuppy problems
Anxiety disorders 

Your puppy is never too young for you to start taking an interest in his behaviour. Getting it right from an early age is much easier and fairer than tackling a fully grown problem later on.

Puppy Advisory Sessions include a home visit lasting approximately 1 hour. Claire is a qualified Puppy School tutor and is able to offer you full advice about all aspects of training your puppy.

If you wish to attend a puppy class then please search for a tutor at www.puppyschool.co.uk These classes are suited for puppies under the age of 20 weeks and use only modern and kind methods. If you can't find a tutor in your area or your puppy is older than this please look up a member of the APDT (UK) as they are also trainers dedicated to positive methods.

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