Common Canine Problems

Common Complaints

aggressive dog

Basic training difficulties including jumping, digging, pulling. 
Chasing livestock, cats, bikes or joggers
Not coming back when called
Excessive Barking
Aggression (inc. growling, barking, biting, snapping)- to dogs, the family, strangers or children
Avoidance of people, children or other dogs
Problems when left home alone
Sound phobias including fireworks and thunderstorms
Self harming behaviour- over-grooming or chewing

(This list is not exhaustive and many other problems are referred)

dog destructiveIf you have a question regarding any behaviour or training problem with your pet, please contact me.

In these modern times where busy schedules, long working hours, high population densities and strict laws are commonplace, it is important that pet behavioural problems are addressed early. Pet behaviour problems can involve normal behaviour patterns that occur inappropriately, or the development of abnormal behaviours. Either way, these situations can be distressing for you and for your pet, not to mention a nuisance to the general public.

Thankfully, the majority of these cases can be successfully resolved using the appropriate behaviour-modification programme. The earlier a solution is found, the quicker and easier it will be.

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